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RMCP – Daily Candlesticks

Crappy OTC pump and dump. Should fade back to 0.40s soon. Disclosure: I am short RMCP

Stocks I Wish I Had Shorted

RAME crashed 9% today. Volume faded nicely. Was a good short. NCOC spiked from 75cents to 1.50$ in matter of few days. 100% up move. After topping out at 1.50$, it started selling off. First red day (when stock price when below yesterdays close), it made a good short. The stock followed

Missed Opportunities To Short

GVBP was classic pump and dump. However no shares were available today to short. Really frustrating and sad to see a classic pump and dump in action and nothing to do about it. EDAP broke past @4.50 support. Was fading all day. Easy short. Missed it completely due to focusing on other

7 Potential Plays That Everyone Should Know About

ARNA continued its dream runup. Excellent example for those early shorts who are getting squeezed right now. Bio-tech stocks move on drug approval and not on market sentiment. Ideal time to short ARNA is when buying momentum fades away. This is when early longs will plan to exit. Don’t be tempted to

6 Short Picks Still Under Play After 382 Points Bloodbath

ARNA is one crazy bio-tech stock that just doesn’t want to stop. Its up 67% in the last month, and its up last 7 trading days. Overdone here ? Wait for this stock to reverse. Once this stock gets weak, I expect a huge drop. Keep watching. ITWO is also on a

Short Picks That You Should Know About

MIPS is up 90% in the last month standing at 2.29$. This stock is getting weaker and weaker providing a good shorting opportunity. 2.89$ is the 200 dma (day moving averge) and anything above 3$ should be a stop loss. WNR is a oil and gas operation company that is a slow

EBS Continues Its Downtrend

Yesterday I posted a blog saying downside potential for EBS is huge. I shorted EBS two days back at 17.99$, once it started reversing. I covered at 16.50$ yesterday taking 8.3% gain in 1 day. Playing it conservative and wanting to book profits, I covered. However I missed another 11% drop today.

Charts Make Trading Easy

Yesterday i was short EBS. With a big run-up, it was time for some consolidation. EBS chart tells the story. I covered at 16.50$ taking 1.5$ gain or 8.3% returns in 1 day. Again and again charts have provided excellent insight on the movement of the stock. Few factors that caused the

Emergent BioSolutions Inc – Time For Reversal

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. (EBS) is a multinational biopharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of immunobiotics, consisting of vaccines and therapeutics that assist the body’s immune system to prevent or treat disease. It manufactures and market BioThrax, also referred to as anthrax vaccine adsorbed. It develops immunobiotics for use against

Short Attack: Lehman Dead Duck

Major U.S. stock indexes turned higher in afternoon trading Thursday afternoon, in an excessively volatile session focused on Lehman Brothers (LEH) fight for survival, and trader attacks on Merrill Lynch (MER) and Washington Mutual (WM). Indexes turned higher amid market buzz that troubled investment bank Lehman, which is fighting for survival, is