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U.S. Oil Inventories Rise By 1.3 Million Barrels

U.S. crude inventories rose by less than analysts’ expectations last week, according to data released Wednesday by the U.S. Department of Energy. Crude oil stockpiles rose 1.3 million barrels to 361.3 million barrels, compared with an average survey estimate calling for a 2.2-million-barrel increase. The American Petroleum Institute, an industry group, reported

Nouriel Roubini Break Up

Nouriel Roubini Professor of Economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business, breaks it up for us as to how ugly it is out there. Initial claims for unemployment benefits now at their recession level signaling the beginning of a serious slack in the labor market. Durable goods order falling –

Drawing Attention: A Weak Dollar

A weak dollar could draw more attention in the coming year. The dollar’s slide against other major currencies in recent years has helped drive up prices for energy and food and in turn contributed to the economic hardship some consumers face. A further drop in the dollar in 2008 could spell more

All Signs Point To A Recession

The index of leading economic indicators fell for the third time in four months in November, signaling an increasing risk of a U.S. recession. The deepest housing slump in 16 years is likely to worsen as foreclosures mount and banks restrict lending, economists said. Declining property values and rising energy costs may

Why Its Time To Be A Bear

Financials SlideGoldman Sachs Group (GS). on Tuesday gave a cautious outlook for Wall Street in 2008 because of the ongoing credit crisis, even as the world’s largest investment bank chalked up another record-breaking year. During Q4, Goldman’s $3.17 billion profit was fueled by higher investment banking fees, one-time asset sales, and surprisingly

Earnings Trends: Positive and Negative Surprises

Here is an interesting chart displaying the earnings trend of S&P 500 companies. Column 1 represents 10 basic sectors.Column 2 represents Q1 median growth year-over-year.Column 3 represents Q2 median projected growth year-over-year.Column 4 represents 2006 median growth.Column 5 represents 2007 median projected growth.Column 6 represents the % of the companies, that have

ETF Special: Variety Of Options

For those of you that do not know what Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are here is a short description. What are ETFsThink of an ETF as a mutual fund that trades like a stock thus experiencing price changes throughout the day as it is bought and sold. You can short sell them

Interesting Stories That You Missed

Over the past few days i came across some interesting news/facts which deserves some limelight. Basic Material ETFsETFs that focus on large-cap companies with exposure to basic materials have had nice returns for the year. Why is that so ? Analyst believe U.S. economy is growing and a growing economy needs materials.

Highest Rated Sectors: Did Analyst Get It Right ?

What are we looking at here ? The most popular S&P 1500 groups. The table is self explanatory, so i will just point out few interesting things. The first column is the list of sectors most recommended by the Wall Street Analyst. The sixth column gives the overall percentage of buy recommendation.

What is ExxonMobile Upto

Last year ExxonMobil (XOM) produced about 4.2 million barrels of oil/day. Is that enough ? Probably not. To add to their existing production volume, ExxonMobil has decided to invest in more than 20 new projects around the world over the next 3 years. This would bring in an additional 1 million barrels