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Emerging Markets To See A Correction

Emerging Markets To See A Correction ? Emerging-market stocks will drop as much as 15 percent this year as earnings miss estimates and global growth slows, said Devan Kaloo, who oversees $22 billion at Aberdeen Asset Management Plc. Kaloo, Aberdeen’s head of global emerging markets, said he’s holding fewer Chinese stocks than

Is China Ever Going To Stop Buying Treasuries

Recently I received an interesting newsletter describing why China is where you should be investing…I have edited the newsletter to focus on the main story… America’s biggest benefactor—the Chinese government—is about to pull the plug on the U.S. markets. The giant sucking sound you hear will be what’s left of your wealth

China’s Exports Fall Most In 13 Years

China’s exports fell by the most in almost 13 years as demand dried up in the U.S. and Europe, worsening the outlook for jobs and industrial production in the world’s third-biggest economy. Shipments declined 17.5 percent in January from a year earlier. That was more than the 2.8 percent decline in December.

Cramer Predicts Commodities To Drop: Bullish Signal

Cramer predicted a worst-case scenario for these names: They could lose all the gains they’ve seen since April 2005. That means Vale [RIO 20.96] drops 68%; U.S. Steel [X 93.69] 50%; fertilizer stocks like Potash [POT 140.26], Mosaic [MOS 77.01] and Agrium [AGU 66.65] could fall 80% to 90%. But this is

Price Movement After Resistance Is Broken

MR provides a good example of how when a strong resistance is broken it takes a quick leap ahead. $40 has been a strong resistance for MR and it took many attempts before it could break it convincingly. Now $40 should hold as a support. I am currently short MR with an

China Mobile: A Stock With Alot Of Upside

IntroductionChina Mobile Limited (CHL) is an investment holding company and a mobile services provider in China. Its principal activity is providing mobile telecommunications and related services in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and directly administered municipalities in Mainland China and Hong Kong. As of December 31, 2007, the total number of subscribers reached

Agricultural Commodities: Why You Need To Be Bullish

One of the sectors that is making waves in 2008 is the Agricultural Commodities. Emerging markets are booming and so are their consumption. With growth comes a change in lifestyle, diet being an important part of it. The rising middle-class in these emerging markets especially China and India are now calling for

Drawing Attention: A Weak Dollar

A weak dollar could draw more attention in the coming year. The dollar’s slide against other major currencies in recent years has helped drive up prices for energy and food and in turn contributed to the economic hardship some consumers face. A further drop in the dollar in 2008 could spell more

Abu Dhabi Saves The Day

A $7.5 billion Abu Dhabi deal to buy Citigroup shares may have created a model for acquisitions by Gulf and other emerging-market investors scouring the ruins of the U.S. mortgage crisis for bargains. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority sought no role in managing Citi Citigroup Inc C 30.32 0.52 +1.74% NYSE Quote

Falling USD to Boost US Stock Markets and Consumer Spending

Imagine that you have $2.8 trillion sitting around. And for kicks, let’s assume that most of that money, about two-thirds, is invested in U.S. dollars and other dollar-denominated assets like U.S. Treasury bonds. And let’s assume that your currency was linked to the U.S. dollar, too. In other words, you often buy