Scans – 14th January 2013

AAMRQ – Great squeezer. Looking to short this one into any big parabolic move. Ideally would love the 1.90s to short into.

TELK – Get mid-day spike along with volume. Won’t touch this one yet on the short side. Let it show signs of weakness first. Ideally looking for morning spike and afternoon fade to short into.

APT – Nice 2 day rally. Just watching this one for now. Need a bigger bounce to interest me.

FREE – Took a short position on trend reversal and volume decline. Will cover into any panic. This one could base off around 0.30 and start rallying again.

NENE – 6 days of run-up. Setting up nicely for a short trade soon. No rush though. Let it first show signs of weakness.

AVTC – I have an open short position on this one. This trade isn’t working as expected. Probably will cover into any sell-off. It has based nicely around $4.00 and trying to go higher.

RJET – Just watching. Don’t like this slow grind up. Need a parabolic move to interest me on the short-side.

PSON – OTC land stock. Surprisingly holding up after a brief sell-off from 1.10s. I am short this position and would love to add on any more bounces. Might box against my shorts if $1.00 can hold up.

GRZG – Another OTC land stock that is slowly grinding up for round #2. I am long-term short on this one and will likely add to my position on further bounce.