Scans – 11th January 2013

ORCT has nice run-up. Looking for this one to settle and reverse trend before short entry.

Watching MY for a good entry. Missed this one completely yesterday. Has pulled back alot. Maybe no trade there. Just watching.

FREE had a sick bounce from the lows. Up to 40cents from 10cents. Short this one over-night. Will look to add more on weakness.

HGSH has become illiquid. Strictly watching for a good short entry on more weakness.

NEWL faded nicely from 2.60s yesterday. Missed playing this one short yesterday. Waiting for a bounce to take a short position on this one.

PERI has gapped nicely and still rallying. However the volume has been fading and could show signs of slowdown soon. Might provide good opportunity on short-side for a quick scalp.

PSON is a scam-land stock. Showed weakness earlier this weak, but recovered it and looking to make new high. Will look to box this one for a while to take advantage on the long side against my long-term short.

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