Chart Action For Sears Holding (SHLD)

Looking at the 6 month chart for Sears Holding (SHLD), the price action suggests that 90$ is a critical mark. SHLD spiked up from 90$ to top out at 105+. However with the current market selloff SHLD finds itself at 90$ support. I shorted SHLD at 89.93$ hoping for more selling as this critical support was broken.

This is the SHLD 1-day (8th Feb 2010) chart. SHLD cracked 90$, it dropped to 89s but spiked right back up. However later in the day it dropped below 90 again which lead me to short sell SHLD. However it did not crack convincingly and floated all afternoon around 90. I took a safer stand and covered at $90.10 to take 17cents loss. However I plan to re-short it tomorrow if it cracks below $90.