Stocks I Wish I Had Shorted

RAME crashed 9% today. Volume faded nicely. Was a good short.

NCOC spiked from 75cents to 1.50$ in matter of few days. 100% up move. After topping out at 1.50$, it started selling off. First red day (when stock price when below yesterdays close), it made a good short. The stock followed up this selling with 2 more days of selling. Missed this one completely.

LXRX is a biotech stock up on drug news. However got overextended from 1.60$ to $3.50. Another 100%+ move. Unsustainable. Profit taking and short sellers brought it back to reality. Had perfect afternoon fade the very first day of the spike. This led to more panic selling. If support of @2 is breached, this one goes down further.

FNET was up on no real news. Up from 1.20$ to 3.60$. 300% move. Unsustainable. Faded in the afternoon the same day it spiked. Similar to LXRX, more selling pressure in the next 2 days. Down 9% today. Missed opportunity. However shares were hard to borrow…

AXAS was up on no news other than as an oil play. Brokeout nicely at 1.25$ to 1.80$. Not up alot. So not the ideal short. But faded nicely in the afternoon. Potential for follow through selling. Shares available to short.

CUR up from 1.10$ to 1.30$ which was perfect breakout to 1.80$. Again not up alot, but perfect fading volume. However thinly traded today and looked bit choppy. Potential for follow through selling.

DIET was perfect pump dump candidate. Up from 1.00$ to 3.00$. 300% move. Unsustainable. Finally cracked. Got back to back selling. 21% down today. Was great short yesterday on break of @2.50 and also today with break of @2