Stock Picks With Dow Hovering Around 7K

ZN is an oil and gas stock that has pretty much gone up exponentially. Today it popped 22% on high volume. This is obviously bad news for early shorts. Wait for the volume to dry out which indicates decreasing buying power. Once the early longs dump this stock the shorts will take control and ZN will probably drop back to $9.00 levels and eventually $6.00 from where it took off. Keep watching !!


TRE is a Canada-based exploration-stage company. The Company is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties, including the optioning out of properties for pre-production option payments and royalties on future gold production. As dollar loses its worth, investors find safe-haven in gold. They have pushed gold prices above $1000 recently which caused gold sector stocks like TRE to start rising. No stock moves in one-direction forever. Continous buying will eventually be met with selling and vice-versa. TRE is one such stock that needs a breather providing quick shorting opportunity. RSI is above 70+ which indicates overbought conditions.

Be careful though, since it broke out of its $4.50 resistance.


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