6 Short Picks Still Under Play After 382 Points Bloodbath

ARNA is one crazy bio-tech stock that just doesn’t want to stop. Its up 67% in the last month, and its up last 7 trading days. Overdone here ? Wait for this stock to reverse. Once this stock gets weak, I expect a huge drop. Keep watching.


ITWO is also on a dream run. Buyback and Q4 profits has helped the stock keep flying. It has broken 50 dma convincingly. Next stop is 8.30$. Will this hold ? I would definitely go short at those levels to capitalize on healthy pull-backs.


PRSC is low volume stock that is apparently up on no news. I am waiting for one more pop to short into. 3.50$ should provide strong resistance.


BR is sitting very close to the 200 dma and would provide a shorting opportunity. Today it did break the 200 dma, but couldn’t hold up its gain and dropped right back. I expect a second attempt made towards the 200 dma. Stop loss on the break of 17.00$ +. Remember to always put stop loss to cover above a major resistance or a major round number.


WIRE was up 9.62% on earning news. Solid earnings. Never short a stock up on earning news. It becomes a momentum stock and can keep running up for a while. Always wait for the buying to dry out and early longs to start taking profits. That is exactly the time to go short. WIRE has broken out of its 200 dma, and 20.00$ psychological barrier. Next stop is 21.00$. Lets keep watching for now.


SWWC is a water utility company that is getting weaker by the day and could possibly go down hard one of these days. It has already started to reverse after peaking at 5.61$. Once it breaks 5$ I see no support till 3.80$.