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New Trade Picks Traders Should Know About

SWHC popped over its 200 dma and kept going up taking the $4.00 support. However the rally fizzled very fast and SWHC pulled back, dropping over 5%, end the day below its 200 dma. Lets see if it can make a second attempt towards breaking the $4.00 and stay above. Otherwise a

Why Not To Change Course Mid-Way Into Trading

Every now and then you have a day when you chicken out on pre-determined plays, just to see it work out perfectly as expected. CECO was one such play that took a huge dump in the morning. I had listed it yesterday as a potential short play. I was dead right on

Stock Picks After Dow Flip Flops All Day

ZN crashed 32%. Movements like these is every trader’s dream/nightmare depending on which side of the trade you ended up. ZN reversed too fast to do anything. Add to that there were no shorts available. Sucks… SWHC is my #1 short. It did break the 200 dma on the upside, but will

Is China Ever Going To Stop Buying Treasuries

Recently I received an interesting newsletter describing why China is where you should be investing…I have edited the newsletter to focus on the main story… America’s biggest benefactor—the Chinese government—is about to pull the plug on the U.S. markets. The giant sucking sound you hear will be what’s left of your wealth

Earning Reviews: REIT, Retail & Rentals Still Struggling

POSITIVE EARNINGS USEC Sees Revenue Above EstimatesUSEC Inc. (USU) said it expects 2009 revenue of $2.20 billion to $2.25 billion. The current consensus estimate is revenue of $2.01 billion for the year ending December 31, 2009. Lowers Revenue Guidance to be Inline with inc. (CRM) said it expects first quarter

Stock Picks After Dow Puts Up A 200+ Point Rally

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc (ZN) continued its upward momentum as I mentioned in my previous post. ZN put up increasing volume yesterday and followed it today with similar volume. This clearly is bad news for shorts. Keep watching and don’t short it yet. Let the selling begin before taking a plunge

How Does A Company Get Listed On The OTC

The over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB) is a regulated quotation service for over-the-counter (OTC) securities. The securities that are listed on the board are not ones that are traded on the Nasdaq or any other securities exchange. Although companies must adhere to certain listing standards in order to maintain their listing on the

Market Makes A Dead Cat Bounce For Decade Lows

What’s Happening In The Market Now.. Stocks were higher at the open this morning after closing near record lows yesterday. Eventually Dow closed the day up with +236 points. The administration attempted to calm concerns about moving toward nationalization of the financial system but said it would provide additional support to banks

Stock Picks With Dow Hovering Around 7K

ZN is an oil and gas stock that has pretty much gone up exponentially. Today it popped 22% on high volume. This is obviously bad news for early shorts. Wait for the volume to dry out which indicates decreasing buying power. Once the early longs dump this stock the shorts will take

Citibank & Garmin Pop 9% On Positive News

Citigroup ( C, 9%); reports the govenment could convert its preferred stock into common stock in a plan that could boost the government’s ownership to 40%. Garmin (GRMN, 9.5%); reports Q4 earnings of $0.93 per share, ex-itmes, below the consensus of $0.98. Revenues came in at $1.05 billion, versus the consensus of