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Three Musketeers – Bush, Bernanke and Paulson

Now, let us see the facts today:$ 512 Billions – Already written off by banks and brokers$ 59 Billions – Given to Bear Stearns and JP Morgan combine$ 200 Billions – given recently to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac$ 85 Billions – given to AIG as capital$ 2,400 Billions – Needed by

No End In Sight: More And More Bad News

ECONOMY The Labor Department reported that jobless claims jumped by 32,000 to a seasonally adjusted 493,000 last week The Commerce Department said that new orders to factories for big-ticket manufactured goods fell by 4.5 percent last month The average price of a new home fell in August by 11.8 percent to $263,900,

Interesting Updates From The Market

Morgan Stanley, Goldman Search for Deposits Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley: Playing It Safer Blame Fannie Mae and Congress For the Credit Mess Fannie Mae to sell $2 billion bills Wednesday WaMu Deal Could Take Time Holiday sales set for worst gain in 6 years Gold Futures Extend Gains on Demand for Haven;

Is Goldman And Morgan On Right Track ?

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley have transformed themselves into bank holding companies. The change in status allows the last two major independent investment banks on Wall Street to take advantage of different accounting rules, gives them more access to federal funds and buys them time to stabilize their funding base

Short Attack: Lehman Dead Duck

Major U.S. stock indexes turned higher in afternoon trading Thursday afternoon, in an excessively volatile session focused on Lehman Brothers (LEH) fight for survival, and trader attacks on Merrill Lynch (MER) and Washington Mutual (WM). Indexes turned higher amid market buzz that troubled investment bank Lehman, which is fighting for survival, is

Winning Streak Continues With Google Being Latest

Yesterday i bought Google at 414$ for a quick upward bounce. I was hoping to sell it around 440$ level with time frame of 3-4 days. However Google made a 20$ jump today closing at 433.75$. I decided to take profits. Nothing wrong in bagging 4% profit in 1 day. I sold

Why Charts Are Your Best Friend

Yesterday I loaded up KGC and RIO. Special thanks to dumb-ass Cramer for his predictions. KGC up 5.8% for the day. Surprizingly gold is down to 759$ level. RIO up 5.3% for the day. Lets see if it was a dead-cat bounce or time for some reversal. Both were over-sold and due

The Lehman Story: Are They Off The Hook ?

Lehman Brothers tried to bolster investor confidence by releasing quarterly results and announcing measures to keep the firm afloat. A day after trouble for investment bank Lehman Brothers (LEH) started a broad stock sell-off, major stock indexes opened higher Wednesday when Lehman made a series of surprise announcements designed to bolster investor

Cramer Predicts Commodities To Drop: Bullish Signal

Cramer predicted a worst-case scenario for these names: They could lose all the gains they’ve seen since April 2005. That means Vale [RIO 20.96] drops 68%; U.S. Steel [X 93.69] 50%; fertilizer stocks like Potash [POT 140.26], Mosaic [MOS 77.01] and Agrium [AGU 66.65] could fall 80% to 90%. But this is

Trading Discipline A Key To Success. Proof >> KGC

I sold my KGC shares at the open since I didnt get the jump I was looking for. Also I didnt want to hold anything over this weekend. KGC opened at $14.25 and I sold my 1000@ KGC at $14.29 bagging 400$ profit in 1 day. Turned out to be a pretty