April Weekly Buzz

CEOs are pessimistic about the economy (kansascity.com)

World Markets Says U.S. Economy in a Recession (bloomberg.com)

Mortgage fraud is a growing problem (azcentral.com)

4,000 U.K. Real Estate Agents Might Have to Close (bloomberg.com)

Financial Meltdown and the Madness of Imperialism (indybay.org)

The Housing Crisis and Credit Crunch (rightsideadvisors.com)

Citigroup May Need to Sell Assets to Bolster Capital (bloomberg.com)

Speculation Growing Fed May Be Done Cutting Rates

U.K. Banks Need $200 Billion Aid (bloomberg.com)

Financial CEOs See Recession on the Way (wsj.com)

Recession Forces Teens To Curb Spending (commoncensus blog)

Californians’ confidence in economy drops to record low (tradingmarkets.com)

Industrial properties hit by slump in economy (startribune.com)


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