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Short Selling: Squeeze, Short-Interest, Short-Interest Ratio

In general, people think of investing as buying an asset, holding it while it appreciates in value, and then eventually selling to make a profit. The exact opposite of that is short selling. You make money when the asset falls in value. Let us take a quick look at what is short

How To Determine Management Effectiveness

Investors and traders both use alot of ratios to deduce whether to buy/sell/short a security. With so many ratios to consider, it can get confusing, especially when 2 ratios almost look alike. Consider return on equity (ROE) and return on assets (ROA). At first glance they do look similar. Both measure some

Blackstone IPO: An Investment Opportunity

For the first time China has decided to make a direct investment in a U.S. private equity fund by investing $3 billion from its currency reserves of $1.2 trillion in private equity firm in U.S. called The Blackstone Group. The Blackstone GroupPrivate equity firms buy companies or take controlling stakes, cut costs,

China Goes Parabolic

During cyclical recoveries such as the one now underway in the global equity markets copper is the commodity to watch. In fact, there has never been a cyclical recovery in which copper was left behind, which makes its current behavior so troubling – it just does not support the global rally that

Stock Review: Gmarket GMKT

Gmarket Inc. GMKT is a retail e-commerce marketplace in Korea. They offer the buyers a wide range of products to choose among. The potential buyers can also get hold of products in small or large quantities, thus providing the desired flexibility. Sellers are provided with flexible sales solutions. Sellers can utilize Gmarket’s

Is The Bull Market Over For Precious Metals ?

In general analyst believe precious metal investments currently represent great value in comparison to other investment opportunities. It is important to look at investing from as broad an overview as possible. Looking at a few months of a stock chart is like reading only a few sentences in an entire book. You

5 Reasons Why Investors Lose Money

Investors have a number of weaknesses which often result in investment failure. Identifying these weaknesses is the first step to reducing them. The following are 5 key reasons why investors lose money. EmotionsMoney is important to our survival, social status and way of life and therefore dealing with finances is an emotional

Weak Housing Market Affects Stock Market

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) expected the home prices to finish down for the year, which would be the first drop since 1968. Single-family homes are expected to decline by 1%,to $219,800. The number of home sales is also expected to dip from 6.48 million in 2006 to 6.29 million in

Why The Dow Kept Going Up ?

Dow Jones finally fell nearly 150 points. The reason for the fall was blamed at higher oil prices, weak economic indicators and lackluster retail sales. A variety of gold, silver, steel and oil stocks slumped. Home builders, health care and a variety of tech stocks sank too. However before this fall, stocks

How Company Buyback Makes A Difference

Ask most investors about how buying a stock can help them build wealth, and the answer you will get is by two ways, stock price appreciation and dividends. However many overlook the third way, stock buyback. Let us find out more about this third way. The Meaning of BuybacksA stock buyback is