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How to Determine Your Returns in the Stock Market

With all of the volatility in the stock market over the past several years, it can be difficult to determine how to devise an investment strategy to maximize your returns. To help you determine a reasonable rate of return to expect on your stock investments, it might be helpful to review some

Bankruptcy: Good, Bad and the Ugly

When a person or a firm is unable to pay their ever-increasing debts, they can file for bankruptcy. Let us say Mr X filed for bankruptcy. This means Mr X’s existing assets will be liquidated and he will be relieved of any liability. The reason why most people file bankruptcy is that

The Art of Making Money in the Bear Market

In the bull market most of us make money, and in the bear market most of us lose money. Wouldn’t it be nice to change that, and make money in the bear market. With the advanced investing technique called short selling, it is possible. However the concept of short selling doesnt come

With So Many Options Where Does One Start

Last time I checked, the Nasdaq had more than 3200 companies listed. Following all of them is simply impossible. So what do most investors do ? Short-list a bunch of stocks they like and stick to them. How do you short-list which ones to invest from so many options ? Where do

Money Markets: Reduce Your Risks – Part 2

As part of the money market post, let us have a look at few more worthy money market instruments. Just before doing that let me do a quick recap from the previous post. The money market specializes in debt securities that mature in less than a year. Money market securities are liquid

Money Markets: Reduce Your Risks – Part 1

Most investors are hypocrites when it comes to the stock market. In the bull market they are raving about the stock market, where as in the bear market, they cannot stop cursing it. In the bear market alot of investors get out of the stock market and park their money in the

Interesting Stories That You Missed

Over the past few days i came across some interesting news/facts which deserves some limelight. Basic Material ETFsETFs that focus on large-cap companies with exposure to basic materials have had nice returns for the year. Why is that so ? Analyst believe U.S. economy is growing and a growing economy needs materials.

Stock Option Backdating: Turn Back Time

Every now and then you come across some scandal in the news about stock option backdating. Media ranting about how the company management cheated the investors by backdating the stock options. Whether you understand stock options backdating or not, one thing you know for sure, that a bunch of crooks did something

Investing in ETF Options

What are ETFs A security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets like an index fund, but trades like a stock on an exchange, thus experiencing price changes throughout the day as it is bought and sold. What are OptionsA privilege sold by one party to another that

Subprime Lenders: Screwed Real Bad

Last few days the market is full of news about how the number of foreclosures are increasing around U.S. and how badly subprime lenders are screwed. I do not want to reiterate the same point again and again. Instead i will list a few interesting pointers/takeaways from this whole episode. But just