Israel: An Investment Opportunity

According to

Israel is the most industrially and economically developed country in the Middle East. It has a technologically advanced market economy. Despite limited natural resources, Israel has intensively developed its agricultural and industrial sectors over the past twenty years. Israel is largely self-sufficient in food production. Diamonds, high technology, military equipment, software, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, and agricultural products are leading exports. According to World Bank, Israel has the best regulations for businesses and strongest protections of property rights in the Middle East.

The more I read about Israel, the more I am interested in investing there. For those who share the same interest i recommend to keep an eye on few Israeli companies that have market capital in billions of dollar and excellent growth.

  1. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries TEVA
  2. Elbit Medical Imaging EMITF
  3. Check Point Software Technologies CHKP
  4. Partner Communications Company PTNR
  5. Nice Systems NICE
You can find the complete list of Israeli companies listed on Nasdaq…here

I would love to hear from my readers about their thoughts on investing in Israel and the growth of Israel and also which companies if any do they follow and invest in.

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