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A Day To Remember: The Great Wall Falls

Everyone knows that the market goes through a correction every once a while. The problem is not everyone knows when. Stocks slumped Tuesday 27th Feb on worries about economic growth at home and abroad especially China. What HappenedThe Dow dropped 416.02 points equivalent to 3.29%, its biggest one-day point loss in nearly

Forex: Do You Understand Currency Movement ?

There used to be a time when trading on the currency exchange (foreign exchange market or forex) was not for everyone. It used to be a domain for government central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, hedge funds and huge international corporation. However with the advent of the electronic trading networks, trading in

Can Weak Dollar Make Money

Can Weak Dollar Make Money Yes it can. Deutsche Bank and PowerShares announced the listing of PowerShare DB U.S. Dollar Bullish UUP and the PowerShare U.S. Dollar Bearish UDN exchange traded funds (ETFs) on the American Stock Exchange. These ETFs offer investors access to the performance of the United States Dollar against

Options: The Power Lies In Their Versatility

Most investors invest in stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and bonds. How about adding another type of security called Options to your portfolio ? If you are new to the world of options trading, read on… The power of options lies in their versatility. They give you the power the adjust your position

Is Emerging Market Craze Over ?

For years, investors shunned emerging markets stock funds, which have historically been regarded as some of the riskiest investments around. Over the past decade, emerging markets stock funds have attracted just $4 billion a year on average, while domestic stock funds have pulled in more than $108 billion annually But all that

Google Powers Podcasting Ads Growth

Google powers podcasting ads growthPodcasting advertising revenues are expected to rise five folds in the next five years. That would mean marketers will spend $400 million dollars on podcasts in 2011, which would be only 2% of spending expected this year in the interactive ad market. Analysts expect Google GOOG to develop

One Dollar Gold Coins: Best Investment Ever ?

One dollar gold coinsU.S. government has decided to honor all the Presidents by issuing $1 gold coins. The United States Mint will mint and issue four presidential $1 coins per year. Every three months, a different president will be featured on the coin, starting with George Washington. After three months are up,

The Best Time to Buy

Find out when is the best time to buy….

ETF: Something for those Lazy Investors

Lets face it. Stocks is not for everyone. Alot of research has to be done before you indulge yourself into buying a stock. You need to go over the fundamental and the technical analysis. What is the EPS, P/E, PEG, Market Cap, Dividend, ROC, MACD…the list is end. Obviously you dont have

Newspapers Beat Local TV

Newspapers Beat Local TV According to a media research firm, the newspapers are making more money from online video advertising than local TV stations, $81 million to $32 million. TV stations have a mass audience compared to targeted audience on the internet. Newspapers have been selling customized solutions, with particular success in