Picks for 18th Jan 07

Cheap bargains are the best stocks to buy. I normally pick up oversold stocks who are fundamentally strong along with good EPS, P/E, Market Capital, PEG, Revenue growth and overall analyst recommendation.

I am betting on tech sector stocks which might be a bit risky considering the current trend.

My picks for 18th Jan are,

  1. COGT – Sector: Technology > Industry: Computer Services
  2. DIVX – Sector: Technology > Industry: Software & Programming
  3. FLEX – Sector: Technology > Industry: Semiconductors
  4. SMOD – Sector: Technology > Industry: Semiconductors
  5. ZQK – Sector: Consumer Cyclical > Industry: Apparel/Accessories
With oil prices going up, metal prices saw some positive numbers too. Too early to jump into metal stocks yet, but we might see a good rally. Keep an eye on GG, HL, AUYand NXG

I also wanted to give my value stock recommendations. These are stocks that are not for day-trader but for long term investors. You might see some downward swing for a while but these stocks will go higher and higher in the longer run. Value stocks: IM (will be having their earnings report on 15th Feb) and MU