How Did They Perform !!

An amazing reversal of roles from yesterday. Energy sector made an upward movement where as the Technology and Transportation sector saw a downslide. Stocks closed lower today as mixed earnings and economic data left investors questioning valuations and earnings prospects, especially in the Technology sector.

Intel INTC was leading the downward slant in the early morning after posting a not so-good earnings and bringing the others along with it. Cisco Systems CSCO also had another bad run dropping by 3.78%

Fed’s report released today showed inflation in control with modest pace growth. Oil prices were also the focus among investors yet again. Cold weather forecasts have renewed enthusiasm to buy the commodity which lead to oil closing higher than previous day.

ANSW +0.08 (0.66%)
CBK +0.15 (0.73%)
LQDT +0.09 (0.50%)
NEXT -0.25 (-2.18%)
STST -0.15 (-0.69%)
WIT +0.66 (3.86%)

Net Gain of +2.88%

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