How Did They Perform – 10 Jan 07

The market today began the session with concern that oil’s decline would hurt profits in the energy sector and scare off money from sources like hedge funds that have helped push stocks higher in recent months. The dollar was mixed against other major currencies, while gold prices fell. Light, sweet crude was down at $54.02 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices have been hurt as unseasonably high temperatures have weakened demand in large parts of the U.S and Europe.

However thanks to some bullish news the market went up. US Airways Group Inc. raised its bid for Delta Air Lines Inc. by 20% to $10.2 billion. Good news from Apple, which unveiled long-awaited plans for a mobile phone, as well as by a solid profit report from Alcoa.

So how did the stocks i recommended fair ?

AA = +6.00%
COGT = -0.09%
FLEX = +0.43%
HAL = -1.22%
NTE = -1.77%
SMOD = +1.35%
Net Profit of + 4.70%

FFHL = -8.39%
S = +2.29%
VPHM = +0.14%
Net Profit of + 5.96%

Net Gain of +10.66%