How Did They Perform – 5 Jan 07

How did the stocks i recommended fair, considering the fact that today was definitely a bad day for the market. Such days, no analysis stand true. All of that goes out of the window. But these days are few and one should not make any conclusions based on it.


FSYS -0.56 (-2.62%)
HAL -0.23 (-0.79%)
IDEV +0.10 (1.48%)
IRBT -0.10 (-0.56%)
MU -0.21 (-1.52%)
SMOD -0.29 (-2.20%)
Net Loss of 6.21%

HSOA -0.23 (-3.90%)
SLW -0.17 (-1.77%)
ORBC -0.06 (-0.63%)
WIRE -0.49 (-2.24%)
Net Profit of

Net Gain of 2.33%

I do not recommend for beginners to short stocks. This is risky business and your brokage can force you to sell some stocks you wouldn’t want to unless you have adequate money in your brokage account.

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