BEAS Looks Attractive

So whats good about the stocks I picked. Let us start with BEAS first. The ticker stands for BEA Systems Inc. What does the company do ?

There is alot of information you can find about it on the internet. To keep it simple it provides enterprise apps and service infrastructure software. The company offers BEA Tuxedo Product and WebLogic Platforms for mission-critical systems, automates their client processes such as supplier and distributor relationships. They have clients in vertical domains like telecom, commercial and investment banking, securities trading, government, manufacturing, retail, airlines, pharmaceuticals, package delivery, and insurance industries.

The stock price is 12.28.
EPS = 0.36
P/E = 34.02
Market Capital = 4.8 Billion
Analyst Recommendation = 2.6/5.0
Earnings Growth this Quarter = 18.2%
Earnings Growth next Quarter = 25.0%
MACD is above the signal line which indicates it is a bull market.

The EPS is positioned very well. P/E is a bit higher than i like, but definitely not over priced. The earnings growth for future quarters is well on track. BEAS is not a small cap stock with a market capital of 4.8Billion USD which ensures more stability.

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