MySpace rules the web…

An article i was reading listed the 20 most popular websites where people spend time. I should admit i was pretty much surprized after going through the list. I was expecting Google to top the list but turns out that isnt true.

So, the big question is, where do we spend all our time online? Which websites are more successful in capturing our attention compared to others?

Lets go over some facts

  1. The Top 20 Websites add up to 39% of all our time spent online.
  2. MySpace, a social networking site owned by News Corp tops the list by a big margin.
  3. Surprizing Yahoo YHOO is ranked #2, thanks to Yahoo Finance, Flickr and Yahoo portal.
  4. Google GOOG is ranked #5 well below owned by Microsoft MSFT ranked #3 and eBay EBAY ranked #4. People spend 4 times less time on Google than Yahoo.
  5. YouTube a popular video sharing website makes it to the list at rank #12
  6. also finds a place in the list suggesting need for a friend or two for the lonely Americans.
  7. Some of the expected sites were Amazon AMZN, and
Conclusion: Only 2.1% of our time is spend on Google. This stands out to surprize everyone. However if you think clearly you will realize that we end up using Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google search as quick read or look up. But we end up spending more time on social networking sites and portals with loads of contents.